Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Shoes Obsession Part 2 - Wedges

I know summer is over and it's time to concentrate on a nice pair of Oxford shoes or lace-up booties. But it seems that right now I cannot stop thinking about two pairs of chunky wedges I had tried on at the mall over a week ago.

 Jeffrey Campbell Dipper Wedges

 Greyhound Original

Remember last time that I was so into clogs that I couldn't sleep and had to dedicate all weekend on a quest to find ones..?? I bet this time wouldn't be much different.. My mind probably won't be able to rest until it gets what it desires...

Wedges in the top three pictures above are Givenchy and the latter two are Celine

This one from Moschino Love is not really my style but it's kinda cute :-)

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