Monday, 29 November 2010

Bangkok is Getting Festive

 It's finally the end of November guyssssss!!! which means it's just a few weeks away until Christmas, our favorite and highly-anticipated time of year..  :) Many places have already installed Christmas lights and decorations.. including here in Bangkok.

But leave it until the end of next month..!! What I want to talk about..(or to show you, rather), is the early Christmas treat I got this year.. remember my "summer wishlist"????

Well, I already got a nice pair of clogs and cat-eyed glasses but hope seemed so frail for the rest.. after months of treasure hunting, I had already given up on this pretty thing.. but Santa knows who's been nice or naughty this year.. Out of the blue,  when I was just thrifting around, something familiar caught my eyes..
"Moschino the Block Letter Belt Buckle" -- there it was, vintage and as perfect as I want --

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