Friday, 13 May 2011

Flowing In The Wind

Guess what picture this is of..??

TADAAAA!!! Yes, it's a skirt and this skirt looked so familiar to me when I came across this set of Olivia's pictures then I remembered first seeing it worn some times ago by Andy from Style Scrapbook. I'm in love with everything about this skirt; its colour, length, pleated detail, fabric and also how gorgeous it looks on these two stylish women. But sadly, the item is already out of stock (No wonder!). While Andy paired the skirt with detailed crop top, Olivia opted for more effortless but still very chic look by wearing it with Mango shirt and flat shoes. This is not a who-wore-it-best, but two-wore-it-best! Love.

Topshop Premium Blue Skeleton Leaf Print Pleated Maxi Skirt

photos: stylescrapbook, shopstyleceleb

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