Friday, 27 May 2011

Pretty Pleats

Speaking about street-style snappers, Tommy Ton of Jak&Jil might have definitely come up on top of the list. Tommy is prominent in accentuating the beauty of clothes, accessories, shoes, bags and the matching of overall outfits. But today, let me introduce another favorite street photographer of mine, Vanessa Jackman.. Go into her blog and you will see what the real beauty is all about. Vanessa is best at captivating the natural beauty of the clothes' wearers. You can see not only women in fashionable outfits, but those whose confidence and happiness are being reflected in the eyes, smiles and gestures. I'm not saying which photographer is better than the other. I just want to share another great experience with you all :D Taking a look at some pictures below, all the girls I chose look stunning in their pleated skirts, don't you agree?

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