Friday, 23 September 2011

Biker Chic

Who would have thought that this 2-wheeled invention would become one of cool props for fashion peeps these days? We've seen lots and lots of snapshots involving people and their bike, the most convenient means of transportation during fashion week. Well-regarded Parisian chic Catherine Baba was caught very often riding to and fro to the runway shows, of course in her most glamourous costumes. How people manage to pedal in thick fur and highheels is still mysterious to me?
Talking about Catherine, are you guys ready for Paris Fashion week? And what's your favorite show in Milan? Mine goes to a lovely pastel collection from Muiccia Prada and by the time I was writing this, I was anticipating to see what she has to offer for Miu Miu. These two brands are getting more and more adorable these days, ain't they?

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