Saturday, 24 July 2010

In the Vineyard

Women look a hundred time sexier when they got power in their hands, knowing they have men under control. In this romantic inspired editorial for Elle Greece, Annica poses alongside a male model who plays the part of her passionate love. The couple appear in a lush garden setting, surrounded by flowers and grapes.

I LOVE ALL the outfits Annica was wearing, very sexy, sophisticated and feminine indeed. Women might have an ability to control everything, but never their lust.. in this context, I mean, for clothes and accessories :-)

Today is the first day of long weekend in Thailand. Almost everyone I know has already planned of being away to beaches or abroad.. Sadly, I've been stuck here cuz it was too late for me to realize it was holiday, so too late to arrange anything.. Instead, I was planning to see a movie, but there's a change of plan again. One of my best friends sent me BBM, saying she was around and needed shopping.

So we were just roaming around Siam Square. I found a nice pair of clogs but they have only in brown colour, me rather want the black one so decided to wait for a while. Also found Chloe' Tilia sunnies >_<  didn't buy it either.

Yeah.. I love Chloe' but sometimes we have to prioritize our shopping list, right??

Model: Annica
Photography: Dimitris Skoulos
Styled by: Irini Vassou
Photos from: Vogue Greece August 2010

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